Monday, September 5, 2011

Vegging time....

I love holidays.. They usually mean an extra day off work.. this time I took two. Just vegged around the house all weekend. Love that I still have 2 days off. Love that Damon is off work with me. That is a rare thing to get 2   days together.

I have joined a ning group that I just love. MAS is an awesome place with lots of wonderful people and friendships made very easily. I love that there is always someone to talk to and depending on the time always someone new to talk to. There are people from all over the world which is cool too.  Joining MAS has rejuvenated  my creativity. I am having an awesome time creating new things.

I want to start recording youtube videos it seems like alot of fun.

Well.. its 1am .. gonna go have pizza and maybe create something new. Probably will get lost in scrapbooking videos lol.

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